Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Hour is Really One Hour at Horizons

It was a green day. Green dress, cucumber/basil/shea/sea salt pedicure, green hummus and pita for lunch, iced green tea afternoon. We had plans for happy hour at Horizons, launched earlier this week, which is why my lunch was more of a snack. I knew that 5 pm would bring on a Korean seitan taco.

The Happy Hour Menu at Horizons is outside only, 5-6 pm, amongst the palms and rhododendrons on a balmy day. There are 3 bites to choose from, so we ordered one of each, thinking of it as an early dinner. The regular menu is not available until 6, which was just fine with us. We try to eat here often (it's the only veg restaurant in Philly that we get excited about) and were ready to take on some new items. At $2 for each snack, it's silly not to.

I went for a sake beverage and said yes please to a  Kyoto Sour. It matched my hue of the day, and who doesn't like a starfruit garnish? Probably David Chang and Tony Bourdain.

Beets and olives brought on more green and two of the most common things that we snack on. Except, in this case, only $2. Our beet and olive budget is insane, so cheers to this.

Meet the Korean seitan taco with kimchee mayo. You can't help but want it, eat it, get messy with it, declare it such a deal that you would eat it for dinner every day if you weren't such a mercurial being. The seitan has a wonderful texture that soaks up the spicy sauce. The best $2 bang for your vegan buck in town? Kiss this, tofu banh mi. We each had one and then turned to the fingerling fries with white BBQ sauce, with absolutely no green.

The white BBQ sauce tasted of horseradish, maybe mustard, and likely some vegan mayo. I never get into french fries, but I love fingerlings. White. I'm wearing that color tomorrow.

Our final bill, with tax, came to $18 and change for four dishes and two drinks. I know a lot of people hesitate to eat at Horizons casually because it is a mid-priced establishment. This is just proof that you can have a taste of Horizons that is more than accessible. And maybe head inside for an entree when you realize how worth it it'll be.

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