Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Like it Raw

After a full day of dress fitting, shoe shopping, and suit finding, we headed to Pure Food and Wine with our successful shopping bags and some exhausted bodies in need of energizing raw food. We were seated in the outdoor garden of the Gramercy Park hot(but not over 118 degrees)-spot.

Here I am with Vedge Mom, dissecting the menu and about to get our drink on.

Josh ordered the Master-Cleanse tini, fully aware that I might swipe it from him if I wasn't into my own drink, the pink, girly-as-hell Aloe Berry (berries, sake, lemonade). I wasn't and I did. The MCT (lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne, sake) was the quickest I've ever downed a cocktail in my life, not missing a beat. I confirmed that Josh would indeed whip up this lemony, cayenne-kicking baby at home for me. Provided it was made with gin and not sake, of course.

One half of our table bet on the Violet Salad special. We wanted to get down on some vio-greens. The extremely grassy greenstuff wasn't the easiest thing to eat, but the slightly bitter, peppery bite was similar to an arugula salad, had a balanced, citrusy dressing, and some crumbled cashew cheese.

Some of our tablemates saw the Iceberg and Cobb Salad with Portabellas and Manna Crystal Bleu Cheese Dressing being delivered to other tables and had to have it. The mushrooms were dehydrated slivers of luscious, jerky-like fun.

It took some time to get our entrees in the busy outdoor garden. Just because it's not cooked doesn't mean the kitchen isn't crafting some serious eats.

I thought my entree, the Pickled Beet and Cashew Chevre Ravioli was one of the better plates at the table (I tried to taste a bit of each one).I liked the creamy filling and the thin slivers of raw beet. The center of marinated cauliflower was a flavorful addition.

Mom's pizzettes were as different as could be - one heaped with greens and pesto, another clad with nut cheese and tomatoes, and the third a mix of mushrooms, onions, yellow tomatoes, and olives. She tried each but went for the middle guy as her dinner date.

Josh wasn't feeling his drunken zucchini noodles because of the crunchy texture. I thought they were pretty good but wouldn't order the dish myself because zucchini pasta isn't so exciting for me.

The entire table, some full, others not entirely sold on raw cuisine, leapt for dessert. We cooled off with the ice cream sundaes, dairy-free scoops with cacao, raw cookie pieces, and vanilla cream. The ice cream was so lush and smooth and the dark, rich content of the cacao made it feel adult.

The Trio of Chocolate Indian Spiced Ice Cream Treats did not disappoint with three mini servings of classics - chocolate cardamom coconut ice cream cone, pistachio gelato ice cream sandwich, and chai tea creamsicle

Afterwards, we walked around the corner to One Lucky Duck, their takeaway shop. I picked up some mallomars, face toner, and chocolate crispy cereal for the road. Of course, we came back to Philly to find that those raved-about mallomars had melted in the car.

Next time, mallomar, you are not getting away.


Eric said...

Hmm Ive done the master cleanse but I dont know about it in alcoholic form... Might have to have Josh make me his rendition :)

Kelly said...

yes, a round of master cleanse tinis for all is in order