Monday, May 31, 2010

Something Blue

I was surprised by how bliss-inducing free yoga at Lululemon was. Held every Sunday at 10 am, I finally gave in and decided to try it. Although high intensity training is my regular schtick, it felt very natural to focus on breathing and posing. It wasn't as challenging as performing similar moves with faster reps, but it made me feel grounded and still gave me a nice release.

Still, don't give me that look. I don't have that yoga personality.

I was so open to the energy around me (NO!) that I found myself across the street at Starbucks for a soy latte. They actually nailed my drink. As a bonus, I found  2 Moms in the Raw granola bars at Starbucks, organic-vegan-raw-handmade snacks from two crazy/awesome mothers of the planet. They make sea crackers, too, but I haven't found those anywhere. The bars are very nutty and wholesome, and not a bad fix if you find yourself stuck in a desert with a Starbucks.

I tried the blueberry this morning and will probably use it as granola.. My blue nails and blue flats completed the look.

It was the 25th birthday so we brunched it up at XIX. If you're veg, this means overpaying for steel cut oats with soy milk and roasted fruit, but we didn't care. The buffet options were not enticing and the brunch menu was straightforward. We just wanted the view.

Later, on a whim, we called up Xochitl and decided to have dinner there. I had the squash tacos (above) on blue corn tortillas with eggplant chipotle salsa and asparagus, no cheese, and my blue striped shirted escort fell for a black bean/corn/cheese torta. Both were thumbs up, but the guacamole was too smooth and not garlicky enough. We liked the ensalada, especially considering how hot and muggy it was outside. Not that anyone isn't aware of the weather right now.

My forecast for this week: Cold summer salads and more NYC.


Lauren said...

Bummer we couldn't meet up this weekend! We have something for you though, so that means getting together soon!

Kelly said...

Don't sweat it...see you too soon? Mysterious sounds. I'll be in NYC until Thursday and J-Man comes back Friday.