Sunday, May 2, 2010

Veg Out: Zavino

Upon entering Zavino to have a gander at the menu, an old friend/the host vouched for the Kennett mushroom pie and seated us immediately at a teensy, wonderful table. I spent a good minute wondering how a pizza could fit between us, and then I was quite certain that our pie would be a sensible portion of hot adulation.

I would have ordered any from the selection of unique veggie bites, but it was the cauliflower that got the gig, roasted and sent out with plump raisins and pine nuts. Come back anytime, my love.

Oyster, criminis, and shitakes came with the party, bechamel and mozzarella were there but not loud, the crust was all cracker and coal designated driving. Slices fit on narrow slivers of dishes, but we honestly could not put them down. This was enjoyment.

I couldn't help but notice and respect a younger thin-crust-loving crowd, a simpler bar with cocktails that are what they say they are with no slutty names, and a close-but-not-uncomfortable fit, table-wise.

The tomato pie would be my next pick.

Zavino, 112 S. 13th St.


Eric said...

Hmm I emailed them, if their tomato pie is vegan Im game anytime.

Kelly said...

let me know and it's a double date.

MLoStocco said...

The Rosa Pizza at Zavino is most definitely vegan. The homemade pastas and veggie plates that don't start out vegan can all be easily modified to conformity.