Sunday, June 27, 2010

Honeymoon, Part III: Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Midweek, we were ready for some more nature expeditions and our pal Ethelbert was quick to provide. He took us on two tours of St. Lucia, first to the volcano site and nature preserve, with a trip to the waterfall to cool off, and the next day to some of the highest peaks in St. Lucia. His knowledge of native plantlife was extensive and we wanted to hire him to guide us through life and keep us grounded.

Unfortunately, Ethelbert loves his island so dearly and how could he not? When it looks like this.

And feels like this. Exhilarating. The waterfall was like being smacked with ice cubes. Lovely.

And here was the more tranquil of the two waterfalls we visited that day.

We took so many pictures of flowers, trees, and plants, but this was Josh's favorite.

In front of the drive-in volcano.

Which is hotter? The vegetable roti or the volcano in Soufriere?

I had to back away from it.

Our nature hike took us pretty high up.

And then we came back down with some local spiced rum. I think I wore a bikini the entire time I was in St. Lucia. There was no other way.

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Eric said...

Those views look amazing, especially with all the changes of elevation. And the food doesnt look too shabby either.