Sunday, June 27, 2010

Living on the Vedge Gets a Life Partner: Before and On the Big Day

On the night before our wedding, I spent the evening by myself in our suite at Hotel Palomar. It met my hotel criteria - Kind Bars in the snack basket, earth-friendly beauty products (Preserve razors and toothbrushes are my favorite for traveling), and modern design as opposed to stuffy classic. Our walk-in shower was especially impressive.

The rehearsal dinner at Pub & Kitchen (where we had our first date) was a swell time. Our family and friends sat at long tables in the second floor room. We stuck by the pub classics on the catering menu and added a veggie option of beet salad (our favorite salad). Everything was spot on.

The best man Sir John, here with Josh, gave a truly stirring speech that had us all either crying or laughing. He called Josh an asshole. I was touched to the bottom of my shimmery, organic polished toes.

I can't wait until John and Victoria tie the knot one day in San Francisco. They are a couple that embodies everything that matters: the right amounts of playfulness and sarcasm, the long, desiring looks, and the way they look when they kiss. Right. Exact. Period.

The next day I had my coffee with soy milk, whole wheat toast with a side of peanut butter, and a bowl of berries. I began my wedding day oddly relaxed and at ease. I went for a quick blowout at CL Studio in Rittenhouse Square and then found myself with very little to do in preparation for the day.

So I called in-room spa services at Palomar and had them send a reflexologist to my room.

An hour later, guess who was even more Picture of Calm? I ordered some green tea and some lemon-scented hummus to snack on, as we would not be eating dinner until 9pm-ish. My makeup artist and the photographer would be arriving soon, and my mom, two sisters, niece, and my little brother's girlfriend were all getting ready a few floors down. They came in periodically to check on me and then to help me with the dress.

Back to that lemon-scented hummus. How zesty. How creamy. How, yes, soothing. It came in this neat little jar.

If you ever get to Square 1682, the hotel's restaurant, order it up and think of me.


Evelyn @ cheers2healthy said...

GORGEOUS shoes! I'm jellies : P Congratulations by the way~ said...

What a lovely post! Congratulations, and I echo the earlier comment about the shoes!

kellywhitephillips said...

Thank you. I wish the shoes were still that pristine after the wedding!