Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cabinet Fever

You never know what you'll find in our cabinets.

Sometimes it's Kashi, Pennsylvania in there. There are always 4 -5 organic cereals. Before I bore you...

Bear Naked granola is one of my go to crunch toppings - especially the new Peak Flax variety. They recently came out with Trail Mix, or as applies to us here in Philadelphia, City Mix. The snack that gets you to Center City and back again. I saw three varieties and chose the Pecan Apple Flax guy.

The Pink Dolphin market carries the oddest things and among them, I spotted the Sweet & Sara Brown Rice Crispy treat for any vegans that have been missing their childhood a bit lately. Like everything that Sweet & Sara make, it is so much better than the original.

Some other goods I like to keep behind closed doors:

And of course, OLD Quackers

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