Monday, July 19, 2010


How to throw back a late Friday afternoon slipping into a Friday evening? We purchased Vibram Five Finger sneakers, and then tried on wigs at a wig shop on Chestnut Street. I've always wanted to do that.

I went for long raven locks with bangs and considered the name of Bianca. They make you buy a 2 dollar cap and then you get to try on whatever you fancy.

We imagined an early evening drink. Happy hour at Adsum sounded like an idea with some merit. Still blonde and pixie-ish, I sipped a Poppy Doble and Josh drank the Unholy Water. We shared some Logical Consequence that was a slap of sense with dill-infused absinthe. We picked bar manager Preston Eckman's brain for a while and it was a pleasure. I would drink all three happily, should the occasion present itself.

We are kind of like bartender groupies. But only the talented ones who will all be away in New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail this week.

If you need a stiff one this week, well, good luck finding someone who will satisfy you.

 White rum, maraschino, fresh grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, orgeat (almond syrup) and poppy seeds

The Kool-aid infused watermelon sounded too refreshing to be true. There's no actual Kool-aid in this $3 plate, and every bite one must pinch themselves and remain aware that they are not on a porch on a hot day in the 80's.

With the fun and games out of the way, we got down to business over some midsummer appetizers a few blocks away at Horizons. There were a couple of dishes that we could have tried at Adsum, but we are always in the mood for Rich and Kate's hyper-seasonal highlights. We drank water, and plenty of it.

Then we walked all the way home. We have fallen into the habit of walking from one side of town to the other, especially on nights of fine solids and liquids. We were tempted to put on our new soles, but waited until we got home.

Expect Part 1 of our Vibram Five Fingers experience later this week, after we sober up and hit the ground running.


Eric said...

Uh ooh. you got those glove shoes too?! :D Im interested how you two like them.

Cheesesteak the Impaler said...

Advice: if you don't already have experience with barefoot running (at least able to do 3 2-3 mile barefoot runs already) do not literally "hit the ground running" with Vibram Five Fingers. Otherwise, the only change you'll ultimately notice in your level of fitness is having hamburger for feet, and given the general theme of your blog I doubt that's what you want.

My prescription may be overly cautious, but to phase into / develop good biomechanics for Vibrams I'd avoid using them for running until you've done at least a month of 1.) regular PT/calisthenics (lunges, airsquats, heel raises, you can use weights on these too if you want); 2.) plyometrics (jumping jacks, rope jumping, tuck jumps); and 3.) and this foot/arch development drill:
a.) walk on forefeet/toes
b.) walk feet pointed outward like a duck
c.) walk feet pointed inward like a pigeon
d.) walk on outer edges of feet e.) walk on inner edges of feet f.) walk forefeet toes _backwards_
g.) walk on heels
put equal time with each position starting off with around a 30 seconds to a minute if hard, building up to five minutes per position

Martial arts or martial arts derived cardio are fine for breaking into Vibrams as well.

No real idea about hiking, probably safer than hard running, but still runs similar risks of nasty blistering if you go whole hog without acclimating to barefoot body mechanics (and already toughened feet).

Not b.s.-ing, without going into how's and why's it should be apparent I know what I'm talking about.

kellywhitephillips said...

Thanks for the advice. I am phasing into it slowing. I currently take classes at the Lithe Method studio and we work barefoot (lunges/squats/heel raises, tuck jumps, etc) using weights and other props. My feet are stronger than ever.

I want to stress that I don't run for longer than 20 minutes, I spend most of my time doing floor work and incorporating weights into cardio. Since most of my workout is already barefoot, I feel like I'm at a lower risk than someone who is training for a marathon.

How long have you been wearing them and have you had any injuries? Curious what your routine is like.

Cheesesteak the Impaler said...

I don't do any serious running with them, and won't be for the near future. Sometimes I'll do a half mile warm up jog prior to my real workout and running with "real shoes." The hamburger observation comes from friends/colleagues varied experiences with them. I got a real bad non-Vibram related injury once that put out of action for a few months and required pretty much the rest of a year to get myself back to my pre-injury condition. Things happen, and I accept that; but you may say I'm very precaution/prevention oriented now in my routines.

I want to try some serious running in them; but it looks like it takes quite a few months to fully adapt your speed and distance to barefoot and/or Vibrams. Long story short, for the time being I need to be able to hit a close to or better than PR 1.5-2 mile timed run with at most a few days notice. So I can't really hit the reset button to relearn running form and abandon a lot of "what works" for me right now.

That said, they're great for everything else I do besides swimming (and I hear there are Vibrams made for use in pools). When doing things like squats or exercises involving jumping, my body no longer has that forward pitch it got from wearing my regular running shoe, and I feel like I get a more stable base when doing "deeper" exercises like deadlifts.