Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We work hard. We play hard. We defy nature. And then we pull her aside and whisper in her ear until she reconsiders.

When I'm not jumping around like a maniac, I fall right back into the arms of baking.

Orange chocolate cupcake from Sweet Freedom Bakery

The process of creating something, even if it's simple and has a shelf life, is good for me. I like to bake because I know what's going into something and want it to meet my specifications.

My vegan spelt cinnamon buns are a treat that turns out criminally good every time. I always change up the filling to see if I've still got what it takes. Sauteed apples gave this batch its juice.

It's not a big secret. I start with the Vegan Brunch recipe and basically use 1/4 cup of both sugars and skip the frosting. I use spelt flour. The filling is usually fresh fruit to add back some sweetness. To even out the loss of sugar, I also bring the oil down to a 1/4 cup. I use coconut oil instead of canola. It give these buns extra moisture.For my next interpretation I will try the recipe using coconut sugar.

One day I am going to make them for Ciara for inspiring this post.

And maybe this dress.

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Eric said...

not good to look at if your hungry at work :(