Friday, July 23, 2010

Hey Bartender

I have to admit. Raw bars aren't my favorite thing. I usually prefer to make them rather than spend money on them, but at the end of the day, the texture isn't the most satisfying snack. There's no crunch of a handful of nuts or kale chips, there's no cooling smoothie intensity, or the wonder that is the piece of ripe fruit waiting for you. To settle for a bar is a busy person's plight.

There are bars that I gladly reach for, like the Laras and the Clifs and the Kinds. I wanted to break out of my bar comfort zone and while in the pharmacy the other day, I saw that CVS of all places now has a shelf for raw snacks. I picked up a Macro Bar (they had some tempting flavors). I also found this Just Great Stuff bar in the Dreaded Deli the other day. Josh and I both got a flavor to try.

I grabbed the Macro Bar on my way out the door for an afternoon film shoot. I knew I wouldn't be eating lunch until at least 2 pm, and this held me over quite well. It was Almond Butter with Carob and while it didn't have much texture, the lightly sweetened bar was a nice fix. Given that it didn't have much fiber or protein, I wasn't expecting it to sustain me for long, but it did.

The Just Great Stuff bars are more similar to the Jocalat line from Larabar. 1 bar is a full serving of fruit and you can definitely taste it. They also make a greens bar which got a thumbs up from Josh.

If I was eating an entirely raw diet, I would probably make a habit out of the Macro Bars, just because they are a bit bigger and seem more satisfying than the smaller Just Great Stuff bars. Because I'm already in a serious relationship with Lara and  Clif, I will probably only see Mac on occasion. When I get bored. The Tahini Date flavor sounds like it needs a calendar commitment.

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