Monday, July 5, 2010

Overnight Crepes

I was skimming through Ani Phyo's Raw Food Essentials and came across a super simple raw crepe recipe. If you don't have the book, try the recipe for apple crepes posted at the Daily Raw Cafe blog. I made the banana crepes (2 bananas and nix the agave, same recipe). I dehydrated them the night before and we woke up to breakfast with no work and no mess.

The window for luscious-tasting berries is now, so that is what we filled them with. My most-used appliance is the blender at this point, and the lemon cashew cream that accompanies these crepes is just as easy to prepare.  I also made this the night before. We filled the crepes with both the cream and the berries. You can drizzle with some syrup or agave.