Monday, July 19, 2010

Sookie Juice

I lovingly refer to Sook Hee's Produce at the Comcast Center as Sookie's. It's the juice bar where your juiceologist is teeming with excitement over making your juice and giving you samples of the goods while you debate what your fruit/veg combo will be. Apple-carrot-ginger it is, but what if we put blueberries in that?

While not a combo I'd normally recommend, it's a virtuous drink with no added sugar. The juice shots we sampled were delicious as well.

Sook Hee's can turn out rave-worthy juices because they have some good-looking produce, from the exotic roots that aren't always easy to find, to some organics, and conveniently cut fruits to take back to the office with you. All of it is reasonably priced.

The other draw is the vegetable wraps on the sandwich menu, including a Thai style wrap, hummus and sprouts, and the tofu or avocado summer rolls. Decision time.

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