Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grinded by the Light.

Lately I've been talking into my phone directly into Blogger. It works pretty well, and I was able to start expressing this post right after I walked out of Grindcore House, a new vegan coffee joint at 4th and Dickinson. The residents of Pennsport assumed (I hope) that I was having an ordinary phone conversation.

But I was just a blogging fool trying to maximize her time.

For a coffeeshop, the cost of offering additional alternative milk is minimal, particularly because many of these are available in shelf stable packaging, are cheap in bulk, and last longer than dairy milk.  Having a couple of options on hand is worth it - almond or coconut milk for those allergic to soy.  Or those that simply prefer an almond milk latte, like the small percentage of America that runs this blog. If only the rest of our nation had more familiarity with alt milk, or if a major coffee chain would give out samples of almond milk cortado or cashew milk chai. Bring 'em around to the healthier, animal-friendly side.

I'm just riffing, you lot.

I certainly don't expect most shops to carry anything other than soy (it's a shame for those that don't even stock that and a nod of respect to those that leave soy milk out at the fixings bar), but Grindcore House took the extra step and decided to lay out the non-dairy milk rainbow of choices for vegans and dairy sensitive folks.  Behold the lineup:

Soy creamer.
Coconut creamer.
Almond milk.

And they have rice milk as an option behind the counter. They are currently experimenting with making coffee drinks with the different milks, but their espresso machine was not ready to go this afternoon.

If that isn't worth a round of keyboard applause, feast your eyes on the signature dessert, exclusive to Grindcore via Vegan Treats.It's a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Explosion.

Knowing how I feel about peanut butter, this $5 behemoth and I were quickly introduced. The barista told me that Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to come in for fresh goodies (no doubt that Vegan Treats Thursday delivery?) and pointed me towards the back, where more seating and PHL: Printers/Haters/Lovers 
 art eye candy was to be found.

My coconut creamed ice coffee was the yin to my choco PB yang. A mound of peanut butter fudge (painfully sweet) balanced over another layer of chocolate fudge, dense chocolate cake, and a bottom surprise of peanut butter cream filling surrounded by a thin fence of chocolate shell.  

There was a lot going on. I wasn't entirely smitten, but I was completely dominated by this treat, which is a really great mid-afternoon pick-me-up that I kept chipping away at. Halfway through, I sheepishly deposited the remainder of my attempt with the barista at the counter and she asked if I wanted to take it home. As I had errands to run, I had a vision of this as molten chocolate cake within the hour in the thick heat and left.

Empty, but full.

A 21-year-old me would have attacked any Vegan Treat with wild abandon, sending it inward with a tall glass of arctic temperature soy milk, and slammed the glass down in a meaningful shatter. Shards of innocence would have piled around me in a sharp puddle. There is Blog Proof that in 2007 I ate Vegan Treats brownies for breakfast because, even then, I was surrounded by vegan-loving coffeeshops.

Oh, times. They change, but do they really? Yes.

Grindcore House brings something new to the city: the first fully vegan coffeeshop. Hours are 3 - 8pm for now, but they'll be expanding that along with the menu in the weeks to come.  I'm hoping there's an almond latte with my name on it.


hellopa said...

theyre going to be having food in the next moth or so right? I want to get down there one of these days.

RRyan said...

Wow! I will definitely give them a visit! Thanks Living on the Vedge!