Friday, August 6, 2010

House Principles

We saw our wedding photos months ago, but the photo disc was given to us a few days ago. I wanted to pull out a couple of the finer details of the reception - the ultra hands-on touches that we had a swell time geeking over together.

The House Principles was Josh's set of bar guidelines - cheeky and worth reading while waiting for a drink at our 30's-inspired bar.

The drinks were creative updates on some of the classics, with a few untouchable throwback drinks that we just couldn't improve.

We named our tables after the drink menu. It seemed a lot more interesting than a non-memorable number. Eclatante Design used faux ostrich feathers and a mix of textured linens on the tables, with green velvet roses from Beautiful Blooms and napkins rolled up cigar-style.

We felt like we were at our favorite bar in a more noble, romantic, personal, and less confusing period in time. Dare I call it cinematic? Even the champagne flutes agreed.

Signs of 2010 emerged in the chocolate figs from Koo Zee Doo that were brought out to tables with Stumptown coffee for dessert. Our cake was Kahlua-infused dark chocolate with mocha buttercream frosting, dark espresso beans, and pearls.

Our napkins were printed with excerpts from our email conversations to each other when we first starting talking online. I would turn bright red if that were possible when I read them, but man, we were some pretentious lonely-hearted fools to start.

Just remember - a good drink takes time but your wait will be rewarded.


Lauren said...

I love you wedding photos! I also looked at your engagement pictures that you posted and they're gorgeous as well! I'm looking for a photographer in the area for my engagement/wedding pictures, was it easy to work with her?? :)

kellywhitephillips said...

Thank you! Her name is Tiffany Atlas. She was very cool and calm and she had a way of just disappearing behind the camera, rendering us entirely comfortable and unaware of a camera snapping away at us.

tastymoog said...

i love how you incorporated so many local businesses into your wedding! chocolate figs!

dang, i thought those green roses were succulents or something.

kellywhitephillips said...

Yes...go get some figs! We tried to use as many no libs and fishtown businesses as possible. It was easy to do considering that it's like wedding central over here with flowers/stationary/planners/bakers everywhere.