Wednesday, September 15, 2010

5 Reasons I Go Back to...Di Bruno Bros

It's odd that I would love this respected Philly market, considering that it does not, upon first glance, count me as its target audience. It's the place you turn to when you're thinking heavy Italian food, meat, enormous pastries, and convenience foods for those with extra bank in their foodie budget.

But it's also a a great source for last minute vegetables, fruit, spices, pasta, and there's so much to choose from for the veg-inclined.

1. The Alt Milk Section

Right across the seafood counter in the back, you'll find a milk case with an entire row dedicated to regular and vanilla versions of non-dairy milks. Is that 7 different options? That's impressive.

2. The Vegan Soup

I can nearly always find a vegan soup at the ready for quick dinners (pair that with some grainy bread from the bread counter and some of the tofu salad and you have a satisfying meal). I am currently crazy about the vegan split pea soup, and there is often a veggie chili and a carrot ginger.

3. The Sweet Freedom Bakery Cookie Sandwiches

I can't resist getting one of these on occasion. They are $5, but I rarely purchase sweets and these are my second favorite indulgence after footwear. An oatmeal raisin one and a size 7, if you would.

4. Veggie Sandwiches To Go

They're not the most flavorful vegan sandwiches out there and are not going to whack you with scrumptiousness, but the pre-packaged tofu or hummus/avocado sandwiches and Bella Burgers are an option. They are filling and healthy and certainly not the worst you could do. If I worked downtown and forgot my lunch, you could probably find me chowing on one of these in lieu of waiting in a 20-minute plus line for cart falafel or an overdressed salad at some annoying place.

5. The Beverages

Out of coffee? Rest assured that you can wake up to a bag o' beans from Di Bruno's - they have Counter Culture in stock, which is one of my top choices. They also have a serious lineup of coconut water and nutritional water (yes, guarana-enhanced water is something you'll often catch me sipping).

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