Sunday, September 5, 2010

Banh Mi. 3 Ways.

Flying Monkey Deuce should have never put out a chalkboard that advertised $5 banh mi.

Because it set off my banh mi alarm and when I found out they didn't have any of the tofu hoagies left, the siren in me was never really silenced.

I appeased myself momentarily with a Remedy iced green tea and checked out the new "Garden Room" that the cupcakey coffeehouse had unveiled next to the outdoor garden. The room was full of natural light and the only thing missing was...that tofu banh mi.

So an hour later, I remembered that Marathon Grill at 15th and Sansom had a suitable stand-in with their Vietnamese Hoagie with Marinated Tofu and Kimchi. The only trouble? They were serving their Banh-mi-less Brunch Menu.

Giving it my all, I asked our server if he could convince the kitchen to bang out two for my partner and I, explaining that it was my exact purpose at Marathon. Rockstar made it happen and moments later, spicy submarines surfaced before us.

But I am a spoiled banh mi brat. That is because whenever I decide I must have one, we no longer have to set sights on Chinatown, we just go to the Spring Garden Market, where my husband has conjured up a recipe in those colorful, acquiescent aisles. And his version is a piece of work.

Lately people have asked me how married life is. Well, it's like opening a present every day. Just look:

Sriracha Vegenaise. Peppers. Carrots. Cilantro. Five Spice Tofu. And one of the market's trusty-crusty baguettes. He even put it on cellophane to make it look authentic.

I bet if I ask nicely, he will put a chalkboard outside of the apartment advertising his Banh Mi Special.


hellopa said...

mmmh Banh Mi's... howd that bread work for them?

kellywhitephillips said...

not quite right but pretty close! it's more convenient than getting authentic rolls from south philly.