Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coconut Water Face-off.

Next time you're investigating the Whole Foods Body section, look for the Premium Body Care symbol. Whole Foods has determined 250 ingredients that are unacceptable for its body products, and those with this symbol are as minimally processed as possible.

One of these is Skin Organics Premium Coconut Water Face Wash.

We all know how hydrating coconut water is...and if this power water is that good for you on the inside, can you imagine what it does for your skin?

Some face washes don't exactly "wash" off and leave your face suds-free. Especially on an occasion where you've been wearing a significant amount of makeup (my wedding night in particular, even if it was all natural makeup, featured serious scrubbing at 1 a.m.). You can circle over your skin with that exfoliating pad and remove endless amounts of schmack. To get that extra clean feeling, I pour a little bit of Sprout Face Toner on a cotton ball and dab away, on humid summer nights or post-sweat sessions.

Well, I have two other secrets for you:

1) Almond Oil. Yes, the same oil that I use to cook with or to moisturize my lips and face twice daily. Almond oil not only smoothes the skin, it will also remove makeup and clean it. A small container will last me over a year. I pour it in a dropper bottle and squeeze out a dime-sized amount for each use. I have been doing this for the past 3 years and my skin has changed dramatically since then.

2) Coconut Water

My skin has never felt so clean with this Coconut Water Face Wash. The $11.99 cleanser is made with Vita Coco, one of the better coconut waters on the market.  It not only cleanses, it calms.  If you have sensitive skin, this will soothe it. Other ingredients (mostly extracts):

Aloe Leaf.
Green tea.
Witch Hazel.
Sage Oil.
Rowan Berries.

I never thought I'd be this passionate about washing my face...

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