Sunday, September 12, 2010

Dinner Party Grazing.

Helping plan a surprise birthday party at which several dietary concerns are present is one of my specialties:

4 vegetarians (2 mostly vegan)
1 nut-sensitive
1 extreme onion dislike
A handful of healthy food preferences

With this in mind, in addition to bread/cheese/nuts/fruit (figs, grapes, and pears)/olives, we had a few special appetizer items.

I certainly couldn't show up without an appetizer, so I made a fig-olive tapenade with crackers, which was very light, salty-sweet, and a big hit with our snackers.

We picked out two veggie pates from Alexian that we found at Di Bruno Bros - one was Tomato Basil Vegan Pate and the other was a Goat Cheese Vegetarian Pate. Josh wasn't a fan, but I've never had a real pate and wasn't able to compare. I found the tomato basil variety interesting and thought the pates were a beautiful addition to the spread. You can read more about the tofu-based pates here.

I'm always in for a cocktail party. Here are some of my steel reserves:

Aged Nut Cheese for the Connoisseur

Why Vietnamese Bruschetta is So Hot Right Now and Other Questions

Edamame Hummus
My Version of the Master Cleanse Cocktail

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