Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lululemon From Head to Thumb: The Wear With All Jacket.

The Wear With All Jacket waited patiently for a day when temperatures dipped enough to wriggle into it, let its snug fit glide around my torso like I was born with it, and zipped close. My thumbs slipped into the thumbholes securely, my hood went up against the late September drizzle, and still, it wasn't quite crisp enough outside to wear. I didn't care. It's the Wear With All jacket, and I wore it as much as I possibly could for the few days that it rained.

I wear Lululemon out more than I should, incorporating the chic leggings and tees into my day by pairing them with fall's asymmetrical wrap sweaters and shirtdresses, heeled boots and wedges.

It's because when I come home from the gym, I don't want to take it off. I wear it nearly every day, since I work from home, and comfort is preferred.

The hoodie even matches the new sofa, which has since overtaken our living room. I was using the bare floor as my home yoga/Lululemon modeling studio. 

Do you ever wear your Lulu outside of your workout? Or am I just an addict?