Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Raw Cookie Crisp.

When one runs out of One Lucky Duck Chocolate Crispies, what can one do? Well, I could order a few bags and the package would show up the next day.

Or I could dehydrate my own for 8 - 12 hrs...

Seriously, there's no time-saving here. Making something yourself  is the reward (and saving a few bucks). I found the recipe for the cereal in Raw Food, Real World, picked up my groats, and got to work.

Mistake #1: I should have spread out a flatter layer of my crispies. I made one cinnamon slab and one with cocoa. Because of the thickness, they dehydrated unevenly and were not as crispy/flaky as OLD's product. What I came away with? Cookies! For breakfast!

Mistake #2: Omitting the packets of Stevia that the recipe called for. I have Stevia for coffee at home but I did not think two packets would add much in the way of sweetness. I was wrong. While the cereal was certainly sweet, it wasn't as good as OLD's.

While it wasn't too much trouble to mix up a 1 minute batter and let the dehydrator and Father Time take care of the rest, and the results were not bad, I will continue to order my Crispies from One Lucky Duck. They are that good at what they do.

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