Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vegetables for Breakfast Week. Day 6: The Produce Aisle Bagel.

One of the most common breakfast struggles is that precious A.M. time crunch. But until they start putting spinach in cereal, putting together a quickie veggie meal will always take an extra minute. Unless you happen to have prepped your vegetables the night before.

What if your only option is grabbing a bagel from the coffeeshop on your sprint to Those People That Pay You to show up every morning? Veggie Bagel Bar it is.

 You can go to your local coffeeshop and if they're GOOD, they'll have veggie toppings and hummus, or some variety of garden-style bagel. If they're really GOOD, they even have vegan cream cheese. One of our favorites is the Garden Bagel at One Shot Coffee. And there's nothing more satisfying than a whole grain bagel spread with hummus and topped with rich avocado. Or the Bike Shop Bagel at Satellite Cafe.

For a laidback Saturday morning, we decided to lay out our favorite toppings for the ultimate bagel bar.

The Produce Aisle Bagel

Sun-dried tomatoes.
Cucumber slices.
Roasted red pepper hummus.
Cream cheese (Tofutti is delicious), there is also a new white bean veggie bagel spread from Bobbi's.
Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds for crunch.
Your Choice of Bagels (if you have any good sources for vegan bagels, illuminate us in the comments. I know that Metropolitan bagels are not). 

Spread 'em.

Veggie Recap: