Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vegetables for Breakfast Week. Day 7: The Final Reckoning. When Brunch Attacks.

I have not been feeling my best today, so we got a super late start to today's veggie breakfast. To confess, it turned out to be brunch.

And it wasn't the veggiest of my intentions.

I had been wanting to hit up Essene's brunch bar, which probably has more veggie options than anywhere else in the city in the a.m. (not to mention, tofu quiche).

I got pulled over to the Abbaye for brunch instead, because it was closer and we were craving some chili due to the overcast day.

I scanned the menu and saw a bunch of veggie breakfast items (veggie benedict, curried tofu scramble, Southwest red bean burger with avocado, etc.) and then I set my heart on a mushroom and tempeh fricasee.

Bummed was I when I found out that the fricassee is only available on the dinner menu. A miss again with the chili - it wasn't an option, either. But then our red bean burgers came out, sans cheese and with a heap of guacamole on top, salad on the side instead of potatoes, and I felt better. I skipped the bun and aimed to get my greens in.

It wasn't some inspiring recipe like a vegetable breakfast cocktail (an idea I kept throwing out there), but weekends can be a little unpredictable, and we have to make do with all of these brunchy folks, don't we? I'll make it up to you with some major veggie breakfast action in the future.

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