Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Almond Joy: 365 Organic Everyday Value Almondmilk

I was recently contacted about Whole Foods' new 365 Organic Everyday Value Almondmilk and Soymilk. I received a gift card to Whole Foods in order to purchase the alternative milk for review.

According to the release, the Almondmilk is the first-ever private label organic refrigerated almondmilk (there is also a shelf-stable version) and the new line comes in Original, Vanilla and Unsweetened flavors.

I've been wary of Silk Soymilk ever since I read about a switch to non-organic soybeans to cut costs. In their defense, they have a section on their website that claims their soybeans are non-GMO and "100% Natural" but the word organic is noticeably absent. They do offer an organic option but it is very hard to find in Philadelphia. What's the story, Silk?

We switched earlier this year to Silk Almondmilk and Almond Breeze, depending on where we shop. Both are very good. I occasionally purchase Soymilk for things that require more body and creaminess (soy lattes).

Almondmilk is one of the biggest sources of nutrition in my diet. I average 1 - 2 cups per day (oats/cereal, by the glass, or in my baked items). 1 cup of 365's Almondmilk is 60 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 30% Calcium, 25% Vitamin D, 50% Vitamin E, with small amounts of other minerals.That's very similar to the other Almondmilks, and it happens to be the organic option, so all that matters here is cost and flavor.

Taste is obviously a huge factor, and I don't mind chipping in a little extra if something ranks higher on the delicious scale. But if it happens to be the budget option, I am yours for life.

356 Almondmilk: $3.39
Other Refrigerated Almondmilks: $3.99 or higher.

Winner: 365 Almondmilk

So far, I've tried it plain, with coffee, and in a bowl of One Lucky Duck Crispies. I really like it. If you shop at Whole Foods, this is your new best bet for Almondmilk.


hellopa said...

Have you found the consistency of the almond milk a little off? I bought a carton and it seems no matter how much I shake it, it's still pretty watery.

kellywhitephillips said...

I haven't noticed that. I did find that it separated a little bit in my coffee this morning, which doesn't usually happen with almond milk for me.

Maybe I will pick up one of the other almond milks today and compare.

Allan Smithee said...

A month or two ago tried soy milk for the first time (365 Brand). It was actually pretty good though it did separate with morning coffee.

Am back to low-fat milk though.

Point of this comment: Wouldn't have tried it if I didn't read your blog.

kellywhitephillips said...

I'm glad you tried it. It is something you get used to if you grow up on milk. Try slipping it in, order a smoothie or latte made with soy, try it in oatmeal. Did you try the vanilla soy?

Allan Smithee said...

re: Did you try the vanilla soy?

Yeah, it was in fact, vanilla soy. Like I said, it was actually very good.

Don't think they carry it at Wawa though.

kellywhitephillips said...

You're in Chinatown, right? Maybe try one of the markets around there? I always find decent soy at the Asian markets. You can also try Reading Terminal.