Sunday, October 24, 2010

Metal Mouth.

Glass Dharma Straws have been on the tips of every tongue lately. As a smart, non-toxic alternative to plastic that also happens to be safe, glass straws are the juice/smoothie junkie's sipper of choice.

But what about Metal Straws? I found a pack of 4 for $10 in the Chelsea Market over the weekend, and I was convinced that metal would ensure an ice cold beverage with every sip, with all of the benefits of glass straws.

A single glass straw runs about $10.

I could not wait to use the metal straws and had to make a Coconut Butter Flax Smoothie to test them out.

It was perfect. Easy sipping, extremely cold and refreshing (especially after an intense sweat session), and it was fun to drink from because there's something sexy about metal. The diameter is great for smoothies. Overall, a slick choice.

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