Friday, October 1, 2010

Places to Take your Vegan Girlfriends and Guyfriends This Evening

It's my window...and I can't stand the rain, as Missy once said.

Upon this expression, we decided that you need to venture out this weekend and do somethng about it. Even if out means fetching a cab to someone else's kitchen.

Some To Dos:

Marigold Kitchen's Early Autumn menu has roared in with a little something called Avocado in the Style of Foie Gras. [Green Beans, Fresh & Dried Fruit, Almond Amaretto Broth, Braised Endive 20.]

A peek at Horizon's fall desserts and you'll want to try them all, with updates on some old favorites (Apple Cheesecake, Chocolate Tart with Pumpkin Ice Cream & Sweet Potato Marshmallow) and a couple of new faces: The Carrot Cake Jar (ginger snap brownie, preserved carrot, walnut cheesecake, raisin fondant) and an Autumn Fruit Crisp (baked pears & melted figs, oatmeal crumble, cinnamon ice cream, rosemary caramel). I  like things in jars and melted figs, so there's where my heart lives.

Blackbird Pizzeria, the all vegan establishment serving up Daiya-style pies and seitan cheesesteaks, is in soft open mode and will be open from 5 - 10 pm this evening.

It could be the weekend you finally venture over to Grindcore House for a no questions asked latte and vegan bagel.

If he or she is less than pleased with something you did (knock. it. off. it's the weekend), nothing says sorry or at least produces feelings of faux-giveness than a vegan good: Philly Cupcake is rolling out a new vegan cupcake today and Sweet Freedom Bakery has developed a pumpkin version of their cookie sandwich, and other pumpkin/ginger/apple dressed indulgences.

[image via Marigold]

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