Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vanilla Crispies Sundae.

I am a junkie for One Lucky Duck Crispies and the new Vanilla flavor is no joke. There was that time when I tried to make my own. If you do a Google blog search for Cookie Crisp, this blog oddly comes up on the first page. Now if only those people would consider a lifestyle that involved healthy cereal.

I took advantage of a "buy any two One Lucky Duck Crispies and get the vanilla flavor free" deal. Hence the avalanche of Crispies in my cupboard.

Now I happen to like my Crispies in a bowl with some slivered almonds, dried fruits, almond milk, and a spoonful of nut butter on top. But a suggested application was on top of ice cream, which I will indeed have to try. Vanilla Crispies Sundaes all around.

Another variation is my Creamy Coconut Cashew Cocktail, which was posted on FitSugar today:

I highly recommend the buckwheat-based Crispies to any cereal fans out there. A little goes a long way, so to really get your money's worth, I suggest thinking of this cereal as a topping and loading your bowl with sliced bananas, berries, nuts and other base cereals. It adds a gratifying crunch to those oatmeal and overnight oats recipes, too.