Friday, November 5, 2010

And Now for Something Completely Different: Braised Onion with Fava Bean Puree

I have conjured up some crazy concoctions in my day.

But Braised Onion? As an entree? I could never conceive of such a thing.

I even wandered right over the Braised Onion offering at Philadelphia Bar and Restaurant, seeing the word "Braised" and automatically dismissing it as something that would be off limits to me.

Then I looked again. The Braised Onion struck back. It demanded to be ordered. And so it was.

It arrived as a whole onion with the center cut out and filled with a fava bean puree, swimming in a broth. We did not receive a spoon, so I assumed we were to simply slice into the onion and eat it whole. I could not imagine that this would  be appealing to anyone, even a lover of the white medicinal bulb.

The fava bean puree, of course, was delicious, like a warm onion-infused hummus. The broth had very little flavor. As confounding as this dish was, it simply did not work, certainly not at the $14 price point. We expected a little more, and certainly not as much onion. I had anticipated some type of breaded onion ring filled with fava puree, with a sauce and maybe some greens to round things out.

I would not order this dish again, but I just wanted to show you that there's a lot of creativity over at the PBR kitchen. Go with the chickpea burger and the eggplant fries.

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