Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Ins & Outs of the Hottie Hot Yoga Bag.

It's been awhile since my last Lululemon review, but don't worry, our relationship is stronger and more heated than ever.

Whenever I model a Lululemon bag in the store, I end up putting it down because the bags are too big for me. I pack very light for yoga or pilates, and for overnight trips, I have been known to fold my clothing until it is the size of my hand and will take up as little space as possible. All the more room for precious toiletries.

I'm a believer of small, compact technology and only traveling with the things you need (I understand reserving space for extra shoes). Even my Vibram Five Fingers sneakers are extremely portable. So what was I looking for? A bag that didn't chant "yoga" and could hold my Netbook and my larger camera. A bag that could store that evening's dress and a pair of heels without digging into my shoulder.

I was waiting for a bag like the Hottie Hot Yoga Bag to come along. That's what I meant by "heated".

I'm a fan of the top handles and the adjustable strap option. It can hold 50 lbs. It's made from polyurethane, which is more durable than leather and is washable, with a waterproof pouch tucked inside for those sweaty clothes. Mostly, though, it comes down to size. This bag doesn't feel awkward to me.

Potential downside? My Droid X does not fit in the "Phone" pocket inside the bag. Itt does tuck securely into the side flap on the outside of bag, meaning I'll never have to unzip to find it. There's a "Tunes" pocket that should fit an iPod. Or perhaps a LaraBar.

I went for basic black, which is what the Walnut Street store had in stock, but also makes the most sense to me, even if the lime would have been a fun bag color. I don't think I own a single stitch of lime. I try to keep my citrus limited to beverages.

I did need something to put in my bag so I also got a Run: Swiftly Tech long sleeved tee in Wish Blue (see above). I've been feeling the chill during my yoga practice lately and it's a nice layering piece that I think would transition easily into brunch. I had  my first workout in it this morning and even though it does get a bit warm after some cardio, it's still breathable and has moisture-wicking in the armpit section. It's toasty and I'll be extremely appreciative of it on those bitter cold days.

Overall, two of my current favorites this month. If I could add a third, it's my Lulu legwarmers. I would wear them every day if I could.


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