Saturday, November 20, 2010

Vegan Power Lunch at Barbuzzo.

Dinner at Barbuzzo was every bit as impressive as I thought it would be, so weeks later, I could not wait to check out their lunch options, which promised a Mediterranean Antipasti Plate from the Chef's Bar, a selection of 5 out of 8 items (veggies, spreads, grains, etc) for $13.

There is nothing I love more than the Veggie Plate. The Sampler Platter. The Bit-o-This Bit-o-That.

So I happily chose after our server confirmed that 5 of the 8 were indeed prepared without dairy.

My plate: Hearty, chewy mushroom farro, mixed olives, juicy beets, deep, lustrous Black Tuscan kale, and a knife-worthy vegetable stack. Can you tell I'm not much of an olive fan?

Josh had added a vegetarian soup to his plate (butternut squash with a bit of cream) and chose the fave bean crostini with parmesan.

The mushrooms in the farro (I believe they were Hen of the Woods) reminded me of seitan, as they were so tender and texturally fascinating that Josh immediately suggested we make a Mushroom Grinder using them. It would be our preferred version of the vegan cheesesteak.

Even the crusty bread that crowned it all, rubbed with oil that left our lips shiny, was pleasing.

Lunch at Barbuzzo, as it should be, was much lighter than dinner. They are a touch heavy on the oil here, but it is Mediterranean food, so you just have to live with that, lick your lips, wipe your hands, and go power shopping with me afterward.

We had reservations for Friday lunch, and I do recommend reserving a spot on their website or trying to snag one at the bar, because it did start to fill up while we were there. Check out the lunch menu here, and try ordering the beet salad, squash salad or the Strozzapretti pasta (it's dairy-free) without the cheese.

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Can't wait to try this place! I was reading about it in the paper, and it sounds sooo good!