Monday, December 13, 2010

At-Home Shitake Maki.

A fine roll of sushi is my ideal clean meal.

Brown rice. Avocado and sweet potato. Low sodium soy sauce.

A beautiful plate of veggie maki set before you can set everything right - and fill you up with each gratifying chopstick-ful.

A $2 sushi mat and a package of nori is all you need to bring the sushi bar home.

Where you have certain ingredients at your disposal...such as quinoa.

Quinoa Maki from Tal Ronnen's the Conscious Cook was to be the first homemade roll. The thai chili paste adds a zing to your filling. I chose shitakes and Persian cucumber.

The first roll wasn't tight enough...practice shot.

The second try was more Morimoto-like.'s better than rice.  For maki with a little more protein, it's the way to...roll?


Allan Smithee said...

Very nice. You did a good sushi job!

honeybnutrition said...

Oh. My! I heart you! I have been meaning to try making sushi rolls with quinoa, I am so excited to see how well it can work! Oooohhh so excited!

kellywhitephillips said...

It was easy and is something I plan on making often...good luck!

relishtherussian said...

Wow, that looks delicious! I always thought making maki was out of my league, but with your tips, I just may try it!

QuinoaDietTips said...

Wow, this looks absolutely amazing, I love your pictures.
I never imagined that you can make it from quinoa but it sounds great.

Thanks for the recipe!