Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Everything is Illuminated.

Josie Maran slowly trickled into major cosmetics mecca Sephora, giving us a natural line with many cruelty-free products to choose from (some do contain wax, so make sure you check the packaging). There are several makeup brands that I simply will not use because of the freakish ingredients that they list. One of the main components in the Maran line is Argan Oil, a hydrating enhancer that is rich in fatty acids and anti-aging properties.

There's nothing I love more than a double duty oil that you can cook with and use for cosmetic purposes.

To sample the line, I decided to go with the Love Nest set, comprised of Josie's favorites. I was shopping for mascara, but the cost of a full-size mascara was nearly the same as the set that also included a small mascara, so I opted for variety. I also have a thing for tiny travel-size cosmetics - especially if you are trying them for the first time and don't want to commit.

Josie's Argan Illuminizer is an instant uplift. It's a sheer brightener that can be mixed with foundation for more coverage, but when I wear it alone over a primer,  it feels so light and clean on my skin and gives me a slightly flushed glow. So I've been skipping foundation, which I try not to wear often.

Josie's Color Stick in Petal Pick is the other amazing find. I dot a small smudge on each cheek, a little bit on the eyelids, and I am ready to go. You can use this multi-purpose stick for everything and the application is made for the Insanely Busy (try swiping it on in the elevator).

As for the mascara, it does the trick. I don't really ask for much in a mascara because I was born into a killer lash family, and I think I'm more into the act of swiping it on.

I'm all for light, fresh-feeling makeup, and Maran's products deliver. With the current weather outside, a little bit of a glow, even if it's partially faux, is strongly encouraged.

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