Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fat Free Hummus? No Thanks.

Bobbi's Hummus.

It's the only packaged brand that can stand up to freshly made hummus.
We share the same zip code.
I'll try almost anything Bobbi's puts out.

But I was wary of the new Fat Free Hummus, which comes in 5 flavors and is currently available at Whole Foods South Street and Essene Market. It sounded gimmicky.

Why take a healthy spread, remove the oil, and try to market it as a better-for-you product simply because it contains no fat?

The type of fat found in hummus (which is still mostly low fat compared to other spreads) is beneficial. I have never heard anyone complain that hummus is too fattening.

I scanned the ingredients and saw that the oil had been replaced with water and it was now 35 calories per serving. So that's half the calories, but you're still probably going to eat twice as much to feel satisfied.

Why not enjoy the real stuff? It's hummus.

I was confused, but curious, and pretty confident that Bobbi's would not sell me anything less than delicious. I'm a loyal customer.

We cracked open the container and peered inside. It was watery and had a pasty texture.Very unlike the regular Bobbi's, which is always creamy and thick.

We dipped in with some crackers and found that it was a thin, drippy mess. There was very little flavor in the White Bean & Basil variety and if I had made a bean dip like this at home, I would have immediately tossed it and called it a Fail.

The worst part? The cost is very similar to the regular hummus made with oil, when I feel that it should be significantly cheaper, considering that it is just beans, water, and spices.

I will stick to Bobbi's regular line. I just don't think you can make a great hummus without oil or tahini, or some type of added fat. Your thoughts?


Natalie said...

I agree completely - the fat is what holds it together and makes it creamy! Even though it is beneficial fat, I HAVE heard people complain about it...because I work for a weight loss company and a lot of our clients think they know something about nutrition now that they've lost a couple of pounds...but that's another rant for another time (on my own blog)

lisavollrath said...

Seems like they should have left the water out, and marketed it as White Bean & Basil dip instead. Why call it hummus if it's not?

kellywhitephillips said...

If they had called it a dip, that would be much more acceptable to me and less of an insult to the wonder that is Hummus. But I would still think it was pasty and flavorless.

I'm curious if the Garlic flavor is any better, but not willing to risk it now.

Andrew said...

I picked up some of Bobbi's Fat Free Roasted Garlic Hummus at a supermarket demonstration at Whole Foods the other day, and I loved it ! I never thought anyone could ever make a NO OIL hummus, I'm def going back to buy some more.

robert said...

My friends and I had some of the new Bobbi's Fat Free Spicy Hummus for the game the other night, it was awesome!!!! We must have polished off 3 tubs. I was shocked it tasted so good for being fat free :)

kellywhitephillips said...

Wow, you both sound like the same person. Couldn't you at least pretend to address my post instead of posting your own positive reviews?

robert said...


I apologize, didn't know we were having a conversation, I read your post and wanted to post my own thoughts, have you tried their Horseradish Hummus? My wife just picked that one up today.


kellywhitephillips said...

Way to plug every single product in your line.

Now if you were to actually read my review, you would see that this was my first time trying the Fat Free Hummus, so no, I have not tried the Horseradish.

Maybe the other varieties are a lot better, I specifically had an issue with the White Bean one, which tasted very pasty.

So how long have you been working for Bobbi?

robert said...

I am a wealth manager in Philadelphia., Bobbi's prob wouldn't hire me, but I'd sure love to have the owner of Bobbi's as a client. Do you work in the food & beverage industry?

chuck said...

it's very funny that the guy who owns bobbis hummus in named could have at least tried to hide your name. hehe..non the less... if you take hummus, remove the tahini, then remove the oil well wouldn't you have bean puree??? i tell you what, lets take out the beans next and charge people for hummus scented water with garlic in it. this guys takes whatever you can throw in a blender and calls it hummus. there are much better brands on the market

Anonymous said...

Hi, since changing to a whole grain / vegan diet and removing all oils from my diet 3 months ago, I have lowered my cholesterol from 265 to 168. Hummus is a major food item my diet; whether snacking on it during the day, putting it on toast in the morning, or using it to replace sandwich spreads, it is a great food to consume. However, it is difficult to find good tasting, fat-free hummus. I have tried Whole Foods own brand, but didn't like. I finally found one I like, but it is difficult to locate; even the Whole Foods store in NY where I live doesn't always carry it. It is Good Neighbors Simply Zero Hummus, zero fat and 23 calories for 2 table spoons. I think it is important to know that no oil is healthy; it is concentrated fat and the calories from fat percentage is 100%. Olive oil contains between 14 and 17% Saturated fat, same harmful fat found in a steak. I know some of the commenters believe that oil is good for you. Please check the research, you will be surprised at what you find. Here's two resources that will actually lead you to even more research resources: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's website/book "Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" (President Clinton follows his eating plan), and the documentary "Forks Over Knives". Good luck, be well. Ken

Anonymous said...

Agree with the anonymous poster who says that no oil is healthy. Check out new evidence from the director of the Cleveland Clinic who says heart disease can be reversed with a no fat diet. He also states that the media alone coined the phrase "healthy oils" with respect to olive oil. Added fat to a diet is unhealthy but you can check out the medical journal articles with the evidence yourself. It includes actual photos of coronary arteries before and after patients ate a fat free/plant based diet for several months.