Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Defense of the Potato.

Two of the most interesting bites I've taken this week involved the Humble Potato.

The potato, by itself, is not much to look at, and often stands on the shoulders of things like salt, oil, butter, and ketchup. Which none of us probably need more of.

Dress up mashed purple spuds in a coat of pastry, however, and you've got an appealing plate. The Purple Potato Pierogies at Horizons are proof that the almost exotic purple potato can be the Haute Vegan at the Dinner Party. Accompanied by olives and avocado, Grandma's carefully guarded dish gets polish and a sexy accent.

The Mysore Dosa (#15) at Philadelphia Chutney Company is a true Winter Warmer. Fiery masala potato is by far the hottest dosa I've tried on their menu of vegan and vegetarian selections, and as we all know, spicy food will sate your appetite and do a favor to your metabolism. Get it with the cranberry chutney, and you will be spellbound by the yellow and red, a color combination that is finally not terrible for you. This is the most intriguing "fast" food in Center City.

I may never truly appreciate the sleep-inducing french fry, but these are examples of potato that I can get behind.

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