Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Vegetables for Breakfast Week 2, Day 3: Veggies & Tofu Omelet.

I tried a tofu omelet at Mi Lah Vegetarian earlier this month and that is how I decided that there was a suitable alternative to tofu scramble out there. I didn't eat many omelets before, so why I would want one? Because if you put something like that on a menu, it boggles my mind and the scientific curiosity always wins.

I liked it. But of course I wanted to make it at home.

We used the recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen and it was indeed an eggy color and had the body of scrambled eggs after I gave it a beating with the hand blender. Our first omelet was a flop - it stuck to the pan - so we switched to an evil non-stick guy.

The second attempt came out soft and fluffy, but firm on the edges. If you try this, I suggest cooking it for longer than you think you need to over low heat. You don't want to have a runny mess. Let it get firm.

For the veggification of this meal, I tossed in sauteed aspargus, orange pepper, and onion. Asparagus is a perfect morning vegetable. Micro-greens on top and the lean protein omelet was ready for consumption.

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Miss Rachel's Pantry said...

beautiful! i did the same thing after brunch at Mi Lah a while back. Finally got it to a consistency that I was happy with. Yours looks lovely :)

kellywhitephillips said...

thanks! how long on each side did you cook yours?

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