Friday, December 24, 2010

Vegetables for Breakfast Week 2, Day 5: Veggie Muffin.

In the mood for some Christmas Eve brunch, we headed over to Green Eggs Cafe in Northern Liberties for some veggie-fied breakfast sandwiches. We kept it simple with soy sausage/tomato/avocado on an english muffin. Both tomato and avocado are actually fruit, so what was I thinking?

That it sounded good. It was what I wanted, challenge or no challenge.

Now, it's not the season where you can just order tomato and avocado on anything without being a daring soul, and our T&A were definitely suffering from some Seasonal Affective Disorder. I would do 300 tricep dips for a summer tomato right now.

I think I would try peppers and onions on my sandwich next time, or order the Veggie Panini with hummus at Green Eggs - one of the many specials that sounded worth coming back for. I'm also a fan of their quinoa breakfast porridge, prepared with soy milk if you ask. 

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sweet swallows said...

I always eye up the quinoa porridge, and have asked about it, but no one told me they could make it dairy free! This is such exciting news!