Monday, January 17, 2011

Board of Vegan Review.

The produce that made up our Sunday Night Vegetable Board below was purchased during a last minute excursion to the "corner store".  We doctored a couple of not-quite-prime looking vegetables from a local deli with some freshly ground spices and assistance from a fine oil.

Thinly chipped potatoes had a light fry and were addressed with a fierce vegan aioli.

Everyday tomatoes were salted, massaged with oil, and roasted until they were sweet and saucy.

Carrots accepted a coat of cilantro and a trip to the oven as well, resulting in crispy bits of herb that took on an entirely different identity. Cilantro is not my favorite herb raw, but when cooked, it wows me.

Finally, assemble your trio on a new set of white stone trays that you found on discount. Switching up your plate always gives dinner a little more appeal. 

Simple, light, and inexpensive...for a night in that doesn't necessarily feel like one.

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