Monday, January 3, 2011

A Post That is Not About Diets: The Vegan Cookie Parfait.

I thought I'd start off the year with an indulgence.

Oddly and finely, December was my fittest and least-stressed month of the year. I ended on a strong, balanced, and mindful note, because I knew I did not want to face January with feelings of guilt or pressure. That's a waste of time.

When you see a Vegan Cookie Parfait advertised at your local coffeeshop, you kinda have to support that decision.  So my indulgence...the Vegan Cookie Parfait from One Shot Coffee. Mint Chocolate Cookies + Chocolate Chip Cookies + Chocolate Mousse + Blueberries.

And you guys all know about the blueberry secret, right?

Parfaits are gorgeously layered and interesting to eat. Each bite is a new ratio.

Future leftover cookies will be making their way into my own vegan cookie parfait recipe. I also like to use leftover cookies in overnight oats (for a touch of sweetness and texture) or vegan sundaes.


Lauren said...

finally, a blog post NOT about having to lose the weight from the holidays! that cookie parfait looks amazing, i should be in philly within the next week so I really need to check out this coffee place! sounds great :)

kellywhitephillips said...

Exactly. One Shot is super vegan friendly. The new address is on American St, right behind Liberties Walk.

Have a good time in the city!

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