Monday, January 31, 2011

The Philafel at 500 Degrees: Not So Full.

The introduction of a vegan falafel burger at 500 Degrees was announced through the burger bar's Facebook and Twitter Challenge:  Followers were encouraged to suggest and vote on a name for the new Vegan Burger.

I checked in to try it on the first day to find that they were already sold out of the burger. Glad to hear it, I promised to be back.

A few days later, awaiting the winning entry "Philafel" burger, I asked for it  "vegan-style". Turns out, the sauce is not vegan, and obviously, the cheese is not vegan, either. Well, a falafel without sauce or some type of hummus isn't too fun...but I was still looking forward to sinking my teeth into it.

One of the cooks came out to let me know that the buns were also not vegan. My face fell. Was there anything about the vegan burger that was vegan?

He kindly offered to wrap it in lettuce for me, but I was still a little let down. Especially since the burger is advertised through 500's social media networks as "vegan" several times with instruction to "please let us know that you would like the burger "vegan style" when ordering".

That's exactly what I did, guys. Now how about a vegan sauce and vegan bun to go with? Because the Philafel is quite a promising patty, and I've love to get the full experience.

I'm glad that at least someone at 500 figured it out and let me know...thanks, dude! He also  mentioned that he would let management know and sort out the bun we'll see what happens. 


MarLev said...

Is this for real? Its a vegan patty but you can't have anything else with it? Who put this mess of an idea together?

Jose said...

I always wonder when I see vegans or vegetarians drinking wine if they know that it was probably fined with fish gills. Most wine is.Is it just indifference or do they have no idea?

kellywhitephillips said...

Most vegans are well aware and use sites like and email producers to verify vegan wines. Also, many vineyards are not using animal ingredients for fining anymore because it gives them less control over the final product. Communication is key.