Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vegan Brunch Quesadilla. Mi Lah Vegetarian.

Vegan Breakfast..err..Brunch Quesadilla with Seitan Taquitos...

Okay, so Mi Lah Vegetarian serves entirely vegan food. But I still always have to ask whenever I see "cheese" on their menu, and they always assure me that it's a vegan cheese.

The food here is more International Diner than Fine Dining, but for a casual brunch in the city with no questions asked (unless you're me, of course), it can hit the spot.

It's not exactly my first choice for brunch, but I do love these scrambled tofu and bean filled triangles with crisp taquito pastries (on the brunch menu). Call it a guilty pleasure. Going Mexican at Mi Lah is easily a solid decision...

Other dishes I like there...

The Miso Kale - I like it as a side during brunch.

The Tofu Omelet...only place to get one in Philadelphia?

The African Peanut Stew - Warming and surprisingly light.

I'm not a fan of the Seitan burger....but the Bahn Mi is pretty good.

Check out my old review of Mi Lah for the City Paper. Lots of changes...

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ms. veganorama said...

Love Mi Lah's brunch. It did have a bit of a downturn early last year (or was it the year before?) in food quality but they have been back on an upswing since the summer. We go for brunch every week, servers know us and are always friendly. We still have yet to go for lunch or dinner!

My favourites are:

- veggie sausage and avocado on biscuits
- zucchini seitan pattie
- side of miso kale
- side of coconut mushrooms
- side of seitan (not on the menu)
- side of french toast

The omelette and quesadilla are pretty good too.

As for the burger, I liked it. When I had it a couple of months ago, it was (I think) Ray's seitan in BBQ sauce. Not what I was expecting but still tasty.