Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Top Bean: Rhapsody Tempeh.

My favorite bean. It's a tough choice. There's my coffee avocation.  I'm a chickpea shareholder.  But, alas, it has to be tempeh. It's my clear preference for protein.

Rhapsody Natural Foods has a line of Organic Tempeh that I am mad for. I discovered it at Essene Market, available in original, BBQ, and Teriyaki flavors. We brought home the original and BBQ, but I was skeptical about anything "BBQ flavored".

I prefer flavoring my tempeh and tofu myself, so I rarely buy the brands with marinade. I usually have most of the ingredients at home to make my own marinade, and I buy most spices whole so I can grind them fresh for the most flavor, so why spend extra for that "convenience"? Doing it myself allows me to control the seasoning and does not take very long.

I needn't have worried. The Smoky BBQ flavor was so right on - nothing artificial tasting about it. I did a quick grill, 3 minutes on each side, but this soybean baddie was ready to eat and even tasted great cold right out of the package. I served it with baked truffled sweet potato fries and crispy kale, then tried the leftover tempeh the next day in a wrap with grilled onions, portabellos, and hummus. It was a winner both ways. The texture of the tempeh is more satisfying than other brands that I have tried.

Mr. Vedge declared it a new addiction.

Now - to play around with the Original flavor.


Lauren said...

that tempeh sounds great!
i'm not the biggest fan of tempeh, I feel like I try to cook it in things to like it more than I actually do like it..
when i'm out places it always tastes better than when i make it myself though..
the barbecue flavor sounds good though, i'll have to pick some up!

kellywhitephillips said...

At first, I had the same experience because I wasn't used to cooking it. Now I always boil plain tempeh for 10 minutes before I grill it, that makes it taste best and removes that sharp soy flavor that can turn some people off.

The BBQ was so simple - ready to eat, you should give it a go! The other brand that I like is Lightlife.