Monday, February 28, 2011

Vegan Deli: Chickpea Tempeh Melt.

I love a good Chickpea Salad.

I think it might even be my favorite deli-style sandwich.

But I also get a little starry-eyed for a TLT - Tempeh/Lettuce/Tomato on toasted rye or spelt bread.

Who says you can't have both? Cool, zippy filling, crisp greens, juicy summer tomato, smoky tempeh topper, on warm toast. I love this recipe from Horizons that appeared in Vegetarian Times last year.

For the "Melt" version of this, add Daiya cheese and bake in your toaster oven until you reach melted magnificence.

Make it spicy or add smoked paprika and you've got an instant party spread. Hummus just isn't enough sometimes.


supplements said...

Deli-style sandwiches can be added with tomato or melted cheese.

herbal remedies said...

Daiya cheese is a good choice for the sandwich. You can also make it more spicy or add smoked paprika.