Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Vegan Lunch Club.

Vegan Lunch Club....Corporate Style

Okay, honestly, I don't really know what it's like to have to commute to work every weekday and sit in a high-rise somewhere at a desk and wait until my lunch break to trek out for grub. Especially with our unpredictable climate.

I hear it's not exactly a picnic.

It's now pretty common to telecommute. I've spent the past five years freelancing or in consulting, and I'm thankful for every second of that.

But many of us do head out every day, and that means packing lunch, putting on a button-down shirt, and getting in an elevator with other briefcase toting types.

Friday Vegan Lunch Club from Miss Rachel's Pantry is a delivery service that makes the end of the week even more of something to look forward to:  Your lunch savior drops off a paper lunch sack, filled with your choice of sandwich, soup, a piece of fruit, and a treat. The $10 lunch orders must be placed by Thursday. Lunches will be delivered in the Center City area (home or office) between 11:30am - 1pm.

Every once in awhile, I invade my husband's Center City office with my netbook, and we have an Office Day and go to lunch together. It's not a cruel joke, sometimes I really enjoy getting out of my home cloud.

I may even ask Someone to start packing an at-home lunch for me.

Vegan Lunch Club, the Geek Table:

For our Lunch Club of 3, two of us ordered the Rolls Rice, and one of us went for the Buff.

The Buff- - Buffalo “hot wing” seitan (just a little spicy) with avocado, cool slaw and crisp lettuce on a roll, a cup of vegetable soup, a local apple and a peanut butter sandwich cookie 

The Rolls Rice (gluten-free)- Two Vietnamese-style rolls, jam-packed with textured Asian BBQ tofu, veggies, cilantro and mint, a cup of vegetable soup, a local apple and a peanut butter crispie square 

If you're interested in ordering from Miss Rachel, you can do so here.

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Mickie Poe said...

I can't WAIT to try this. I'm going to be stuck at my desk for a 2-hr conference call over lunch this Friday so Thursday, I'm ordering from Miss Rachel!