Sunday, February 6, 2011

Vegan Staycation: Hawaiian Hearts of Palm Cake and Raw Chocolate Tart.

How many chocolate tarts have you tasted in your life? Countless.

How many vegan chocolate tarts are among those encounters? More than a few.

But how many Raw Chocolate Tarts do you get to try? In Philadelphia?

Coming across a raw dessert on a menu is uncommon, and always refreshing.

We didn't have the Canon Rebel on us, so this cell phone memory of a Raw Chocolate Tart at Horizons does not do the dessert justice. I caught bits and pieces of pastry chef Kate's description, as I was mesmerized by the glass-like top of the tart that shimmers in this crust, coconut macaroons, dried orange, some silky type of nut cream...what a sweet, rich, innovative surprise.

This is not on the menu, but if it ever is, I promise to share the news, really...Thanks to Kate for letting us try this.

The oppression of winter foods has been getting to me lately, so the other night, I made a turn for the brighter, cleaner flavors that will resurface in my diet in the next couple of months.

Why had I not tried the Hearts of Palm Cake before? Such a light and remarkable dish. Again, extremely different from most vegan entrees I have tried, and exactly what I needed to start my weekend. A little bit of a food staycation.

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movesnmunchies said...

oh wow! both the heart of palm cake and chocolate tart look amazing!!! I have never really 'cooked' with heart of palm!