Thursday, February 10, 2011

Warming up to Rawtella.

The second my Rawtella order showed up, I had to crack open the jar. I love the boost of cacao - my antioxidant-rich chocolate fix of choice. Rawtella contains:

Organic raw fresh and soaked/dehydrated hazelnuts, organic raw cacao nibs, raw coconut sugar

The Raw/Organic/Vegan hazelnut spread was solid, which I attributed to its journey through the tundra that is most of the country right now.  On the jar, it says "Best served warm". As I have no microwave, I grabbed a spoon and dug right in, rather than taking the patient route of letting it adjust to my tropical temp apartment or heating some up on the stove.

I liked it raw.

A few days later, a gift showed up from my husband - a hot piece of All-Clad that I had been lusting over for months - the mini butter warmer. In true vegan spirit. My plan was to use it for quick sauces, to melt coconut oil, and of course, heat chocolate. The tribulations of living without a microwave - GONE.

Which also meant I could warm up that jar of Rawtella...He reads my mind sometimes.

This pot is obscenely cute...

Warmed up...Rawtella tastes like a fine chocolate sauce, with dark, savory undertones.

I liked it not-quite-raw even more...

I'm approaching this as more of a dessert sauce than a nut butter spread. I have high hopes for it with scones, crepes, ice cream, toast, smoothies, and cinnamon rolls...Rawtella-filled Cinnamon Rolls.

I also hear that there's some Spiced Hot Chocolate Mix from Cocoa V on its way and I can't think of a better excuse to season this pot.

4 comments: said...

I've never heard of this...but it sounds like something I want to check out. Isn't heating it up kind of counterintuitive?

kellywhitephillips said...

Exactly...I thought so, too. It tastes great right out of the jar, but is definitely worth heating up if you're not exclusively raw.

movesnmunchies said...

rawtella looks great!! Such great ingredients!!

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