Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hydros: A Filtered Water Bottle Review.

What's in your water? We shudder to think. I will only drink purified water at this point, unless I am at a restaurant, and even them I am kind of paranoid about it and briefly consider ordering bottled or sparkling (the way I do when I'm traveling outside of the country). Water snob? Me? All the way.

But even bottled water doesn't always measure up - Just check out the 2011 Bottled Water Scorecard from the Environmental Working Group.

And tap water is better than no water, right? How's a girl to stay super hydrated? At home I filter the water for our coffee, nut milks, even the water we use on our plant. I fill my water bottle with filtered water for on the go.

Well, that last part just got a little easier with this Extremely Portable, Instant Filter Water Bottle from Hydros, which they sent to me to check out. Thanks guys!

Two tastes that taste great together...faux leather and filtered water

Even better? Each purchase of a Hydros Bottle helps fight the Global Water Crisis. $1 from each Hydros Bottle will go towards a water infrastructure project designed to be socially, economically, and environmentally viable. I will drink to that.


Kelsey said...

i love how high tech water bottles have become. It's amazing how they have the filter built in like that- and even the shape/curve of the bottle is fantastic! <3

awesome review btw!

A and J said...

Love that you reviewed the bottle-- our friend from college is one of the companies founders! It's been fun to watch his success.

kellywhitephillips said...

Kelsey - The bottle is very attractive, and I'll admit, that's an important factor for me. Techie, sleek design scores big.

A&J - That's awesome. I also love that Hydros is based in Philly, that just seals the deal for me.

laceylovesfood said...

That's a pretty cool invention. I'm very lucky to live somewhere with the soft, very clean water. We rank in the top three in the country. I go back and forth between using my filter and not using it. Sometimes I get on these fluoride is bad kicks, and other times I get paranoid that my teeth are going to rot. Still, very neat and something I'd definitely invest in!

kellywhitephillips said...

Yeah, I hear you on that. I'm on the fence about fluoride and have read conflicting reports. Bottom line, I don't think I'd risk drinking the water here...although occasionally I'm sure a coffee shop, etc., is serving me unfiltered tap.

You can't filter life all the time. Just, you know, when you can. ;)

Richard C. Lambert said...

I ended up cutting off a little too much from the spout so to bridge the distance between the spout and the bottom of the water reservoir I added a terracotta plant tray. Avoid my mistake! Measure twice, cut once. best water filter system

Alisa Stevenson said...

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