Thursday, March 10, 2011

Raw Days in NYC.

Mint Chip Smoothie for Two...this is officially the most delicious and filling smoothie I have ever had for breakfast. It's from Organic Avenue. The petite location that recently opened on the Upper East Side was such a relief to discover during our stay in NYC earlier this week.

We split this with a fruit bowl for breakfast and I cleaned out the jar to bring home. I'm going to re-create the smoothie for breakfast. At least until they open a Philly location...

I'll be taking the Advanced Raw Cuisine Class at Organic Avenue on April 17th. Hope to see some fellow bloggers there.

I ate mostly salads during the stay. I could feel spring leaning towards us. The Grilled Kale Salad at Candle 79 was fantastic and I found a nice Winter Chopped Salad at a new-ish spot near Soho called Hundred Acres (with family).

But the highlight of the trip was Quintessence, of course.

If you are curious about raw cuisine, at all, this is the place you NEED to get to.

NEED, people. This place is such a slept on restaurant. I never hear anyone mention it or recommend it, so when VKO from Lifestyles of the Chic & Vegan told me how great Quintessence was, I knew that I would be sitting across from her eating this one day:

VKO recommended the Mexican Platter, so that's what I went for. But I was so tempted by everything else on the menu - especially the lunch specials and the brunch menu. I will be coming back here immediately!

The platter consisted of:  A golden flax and corn tortilla filled with "refried beans", "cheese", tomato and lettuce drenched with mole sauce and finished with a dollop of "sour crème" paired with our new amazing tostada. Served with Guajillo chili sauce and garlic scallion wild rice.

Plus, a side salad with a delicious green wasabi dressing. A generous portion of fresh and expertly prepared Raw Goddess Food. There were so many layers to this dish that all fit together. I loved everything from the "nut meat" to the mole sauce.

It was such a value, too. Raw food tends to be much pricier because it's time consuming to process the dishes - soaking nuts for nutmilks, cheeses, and sauces, dehydrating breads, wraps, veggies...this all can take hours to days to end up with a complete dish. But this lunch was a steal....

The cafe was tinier than expected and very relaxed and casual - no pretenses and lots of sun. And they have fun things like:

Bagel with Creme Cheese 
2 Slices of our tasty kamut bread topped with plain or scallion cashew cheese, a slice of tomato and black pepper. Add Caramelized Onions 

Nut Milk 
"Got nut milk?" A great discovery for those who are lactose intolerant. A simple, silky blend of soaked cashew (for easy digestion),vanilla and coco butter.

Mock Tuna Sahimi Ceviche - NEW! 
Topped with guacamole and nori chia caviar on a slice of tomato served with zucchini paprika toast.

In case you were wondering what I am having next time I go...

Lunch with other vegan bloggers always feels right. So thanks, VKO, for inspiring me to check out Quintessence.


JL Goes Vegan said...

I haven't eaten at Quintessence! I need to!

Guess what?! I'm taking the same class on 4/17! Can't wait to meet you!

kellywhitephillips said...

I think you would really like it.

That's awesome, I can't wait. See you in April!

kmudrick said...

I haven't eaten at Quintesence since, geez, it might be almost a decade or so. Stumbled upon it after leaving Kate's once - stopped in and had the Key Lime Pie. I always forget about this place; must go back.

kellywhitephillips said...

Honestly, I was skeptical about Q. And what a surprise...I always go to One Lucky Duck/Pure Food & Wine but this is an excellent alternative, more casual and lots of options.

I cannot tell you how impressed I was. I am definitely hitting up the brunch menu next time I go.

vko said...

Was super fun! Am so glad that you enjoyed it, Quintessence is a true gem-glad to introduce you to it! r-am behind with posting our little lunch, but am getting to it. Wish I could join for the raw class at Organic Ave, bet it's going to be amazing!