Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweat First, Then Shop? Exhale MindBodySpa.

Yoga on the road? I could not crave it more. It helps me stay grounded wherever I go and unwind after a busy day of wandering.

I pulled up all of the nearby yoga studios on my phone and determined that Exhale MindBodySpa on the Upper East Side was the closest option with the most convenient schedule. 

I did not realize that it was located in the very same building that I had my wedding dress fittings last year. Oh, if only I had known about the spa at that time.

Exhale Spa has everything...including an on-site boutique.

Yoga is good for me. Shopping is, well, not quite. But yoga and shopping? Well, sometimes I'm the Vegan Cher from Clueless, but it could be the best of both worlds.

And then of course, I was hungry for more yoga, and checked out Strala Yoga in Soho. I was hoping to take a class with badass yogi Tara Stiles, but my timing put me there a bit on the early side. The studio is large and the "Strong" class was a nice way to recharge for my evening.

I call this "yogi jedi"

How do you feel about shopping at fitness studios? A convenient place to shop for new gear? Or No, thanks, I'm here to build discipline?

Either way, I spent most of my week learning to exhale and appreciating every second of it. 

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