Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Taim Mobile Experience.

Last week, while I was doing my thing elsewhere in NYC, Mr. Vedge was in Midtown braving the wait for lunch from Taim Mobile Falafel Truck. You would think they were giving away an  iPad 2 with each order based on the length of this line.

Taim Mobile was recently chosen as the best Food Truck in New York, but how would it fly with Mr. Vedge's impressive falafel palate?

Some of us are suckers for a good falafel. He somehow convinced his co-workers to stand by him for this lunch challenge.

After waiting for nearly an hour and snapping pics the entire time, he shot me a quick text to let me know that it was really good and fresh, but not quite the Falafel Nazi (of Philadelphia fame).

The upside? Quinoa salad. pickles & spicy peppers, and those Thai basil smoothies.

Getting closer...

Almost there...

To the victor go the spoils

I still can't wait to try Taim Mobile myself, but I'm hoping for a much warmer day so that I can enjoy it outside...Have you ever tried Taim? What is your go-to falafel spot?

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