Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ice Queen.

Grandma was on to something with cold cream.

I've been storing my favorite moisturizer, Pratima Botanical Moisture, in the fridge so that it's even cooler and creamier than normal (it's usually pretty chill). Right out of a hot shower, the frosty cream feels divine. Stock up on a jar at Moko Salon in Old City or order it online.  For extra cooling, try the Tulsi Mint Eye Mask.

For a steely finish, I have been generously applying Prtty Peashun, a "skintight body lotion" with vegan ingredients that include avocado oil, pomelo, green tea extract, and blue vervain leaf.  The vervain leaf actually reduces pain related to exercise and stress, and the other ingredients are anti-inflammatory, collagen/elastin promoting, detoxifying, and toning.

Now I'm  not calling it a miracle potion, but I can tell you that your skin looks immediately better after you slather it on. Try applying it to one leg and then compare. I'm convinced, but I'm guessing it helps if you already eat a somewhat detoxifying diet with lots of water, and do lots of lunges.

Even the pouch that it comes in is so cool that I had to put it in the freezy next to the filtered water ice cubes and that's when it hit me that every ice queen is a little more tolerable after a cocktail.

So, behold, in all of its majestic purple-tinged glory, the Ice Queen:

Ice Queen

2 oz. Hayman's Old Tom Gin
.5 oz Pineapple Juice (I used fresh)
2 tbsp Henri Bardouin
1 tbsp Creme de Violette
1 tbsp Maraschino

Chill coupe glasses in freezer. Shake with ice and double strain into glasses. Makes 2. Because even Ice Queens need a drinking partner.

It's eerie, cool, and has a dramatic bite of anise (think licorice) with just a little bit of sour. 


vko said...

oh looks like some fun stuff in the ice box there! definitely want to give those products a whirl and that cocktail is sooo pretty.

Amber Helene said...

Do you use the body lotion in just the plain or did you opt for one of the colors?

kellywhitephillips said...


Janine L. said...

In some skin care reviews that I've read, experts suggest that we put our beauty products in the fridge to extend its life. It works for the beauty products that are gel.