Monday, April 4, 2011

It All Ends with a Sundae.

No more buses or trains or working from hotels for me this week...I'm back in Philadelphia and I promise to quit pretending that I live in New York.

At least after this post. If you follow @onthevedge on Twitter, then you know I was in my home-away-from-home of NYC throughout the weekend for a little bit of fun, a little bit of work, and the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival.

And what a welcome! When I came home to Philadelphia, the lovely folks over at Philly Homegrown sent a courier to my apartment bearing a box full of locally-grown specialties (from PA and NJ). And good thing, too, because I have yet to find time to grocery shop...

Here's a little recap of what went down over the weekend:

I trickled into the city on Thursday excited to see Mr. V - which explains why I was glowing above. Or, you know, that's probably a photo setting...

He suggested Hangawi for dinner, to my delight. It is one of my absolute favorite dining spots. Everything about it - from the moment you enter and remove your shoes to dine barefoot to the flawless service and the orgasmic tofu cheesecake at the very end - is like a finely choreographed dance.

I chose a fully organic meal of Organic Kale Pancakes made from rice flour and the Organic Maitake Mushroom & Spinach entree, with a glass of Organic White Wine.

I continued eating mostly organic at Freefoods NYC and Rouge Tomate on Friday. It may seem difficult to do this but in New York, it's not hard at all. I'm a big fan of the blog Living Maxwell, which consistently inspires me to incorporate and choose organic.

If anyone is curious about the vegan options at Rouge Tomate, I called ahead and they were incredibly helpful and accommodating - I had the Cauliflower Toast (they can also adjust the other toasts) and Hummus as appetizers, and the Upstate Farms Lettuces & Fresh Herbs Salad for my entree (they offered to do the Herb Risotto vegan also). The Sommelier had us wining away until we could barely get up from the table...but we managed. Incredible meal that will please anyone in your group.

Saturday morning included the luscious pancakes at Sun in Bloom in Brooklyn...

      SIB's Famous Gluten Free Pancakes featuring Antioxidant Punch
Stacked high w/ an apple kanten, fresh blueberries &
sweetly spiced raw dehydrated walnuts

I made my way home to Philly briefly (to pick up my Canon for Sunday's Vegfest) and a change of clothes.

Rode back in to NYC on Sunday with the queen of Better Butter, the only woman who loves nut butter more than I do.

We scanned the epic line for NYC Vegetarian Food Fest and decided to come back later, assuming the morning crush would be over and we'd be able to get in.

But before we went off, I convinced her we needed to check out the Cinnamon Snail food truck. I have been itching to try this all-vegan gourmet truck and selected a couple of treats for us. We met up with another friend in Union Square and split a Cinnamon Snail, a Coconut Frou Frou, and a Chocolate Cannoli (which got a little smushed during travel).

And the treats were quite good, agreed upon by all. We headed back to survey the line once again and saw that it had only grown longer.

We decided a savory lunch and some shopping was in order and spent the afternoon "doing spring".

Which included checking out a friend's rooftop, hitting up a nut store that had a make-your-own-trail-mix bar, and the purchase of a few new pairs of shoes (not me, I kept my shoe cool).

So then we had to treat ourselves to a couple of Classic Sundaes at the bar at Pure Food & Wine. Where, as it turns out, it's totally fine to just order a raw vegan sundae at the bar and a tall glass of water. I spotted four other sundae-eaters at the bar and another dessert diner. On trend...

And I'm so glad that my travel buddy loved her sundae. She also really liked the Cinnamon Crispies that she purchased at One Lucky DuckMs. Better Butter and I are already planning to go back for a real dinner at PFW soon...

It is the best sundae in the city, hands down. Did anyone else notice that the April 3rd Google Doodle featured two ice cream sundaes as the O's in Google?

To end, I'm not going to whine about the Vegfest line, I'm sure they will figure out a plan that works better next time, and I'm just glad that there was such a huge response to this kind of festival. Is it unfortunate that I did not make it in? Sure. Did I have an amazing time despite missing out? Absolutely, thanks to good friends, pure food, and the acceptance that things do not always go as planned.

Which gives you more time in life to appreciate a fine sundae.


vko said...

love this post! yes indeed, am going to keep thoughts of PFW sundaes in my head as a reminder to go with the flow and I did plenty of whining myself about the vegfest line, but yes, am glad that it was so packed and hoping that it was filled with tons of omnis who will be inspired to go vegan!

kellywhitephillips said...

I'm also hoping there were lots of people interested in/new to a veg diet that were able to get in.

If I was in NYC right now I would be faceplanting a PFW mint sundae.